Happiness ?

Would it mean receiving a wanted toy on Christmas ? Or celebrating the best birthday? Can happiness exist in meeting new friends or doing things on your own?

Is there happiness in a can of beer ? Or on a table full of foods ? Or maybe in having new stuffs ?

If I stay in school, will I ever find it or I shall go ¬†somewhere else instead ? maybe it’s in the park? in the mall ? or the church?

If I get high scores will my teacher give it as a reward? A box of happiness in exchange of grade of A ?

Is it hidden at the end of the rainbow? Or maybe it will be revealed if I’ll chase the sun? Will the tooth fairy give it to me after extracting a tooth? or Santa is going to drop it in the chimney? or maybe place it in the Christmas sock?

Should I rub a lamp and make a wish of happiness ? or the coins in the wishing well works better?

Or maybe, just maybe, I had it all the time but I misplaced it?


Wait, what am I looking for again ?  Was it HAPPINESS ?